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About Us

Our studio is not just about graphic design; it’s more than that. We offer communication services, process and results.

About Elegance Hair Transplant

Elegance Plastic Surgery is Located in Karachi, our highly regarded plastic surgeon Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan have earned M.B.B.S, M.C.P.S (SURGERY), F.C.P.S (PLASTIC SURGERY), F.I.C.S (USA). We understand that when people feel confident about the way they look, they are more likely to be satisfied with their lives. Our surgeons offer a comprehensive range of procedures for the face, breast, and body, in addition to nonsurgical treatments for the face and skin. They take pride in providing personalized patient care and adhering to the strictest standards of safety.

Are you ready to attain the attractive look you envision for yourself? Request a consultation our plastic surgery centre in Karachi, Pakistan, or call 0300-2200260 to meet Dr. Faisal Akhlaq.

Our Surgeon

Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan founded Elegance Plastic Surgery in 2010 with his patients as his central focus. He continues to provide a rewarding patient experience that begins with a personal, one-on-one consultation and ends with an enhanced appearance guided by each patient’s unique goals.